Oak Hill Comp Plan:

Project Location: The property, thirty acres more or less(30.75), is a part of Oak Hill Golf Course.  It is in the southeast region of the golf course, near Puritan Lane and Keysville Ave.   It also encompasses the entrance to Oak Hill Golf Course, and a small un-improved area west of the entrance.  Oak Hill Golf Course is located on the north side of Northcliffe Blvd., east of Deltona Blvd., and west of Keysville Ave.  A vicinity map is included on the submitted plan. 

Present Zoning:   The land is presently zoned Recreational PDP to permit the golf course and its ancillary operations.  The project is a PDP-Rec with an expired master plan, but with entitled uses. 

Present Land use: The land is currently designated as Recreation on the Comprehensive Plan. It is being utilized as a golf course with ancillary facilities to the golf course.

Desired Land use:  The applicant is desirous to change the comprehensive plan for this thirty (30 .75) acres to Residential.   The remainder of the golf course property will remain as is.  There is no intent to change the golf course; only the facilities south and east of the clubhouse area.  The existing parking lot is in poor repair.  If approved, this area will be demolished, and new parking facilities constructed to the west of the existing clubhouse.

The entrance will be re-designed and constructed to add an enhanced boulevard entrance with enhanced landscaping as well. 

Summary of Request:  The applicant is desirous to single family lots on the area shown on the comprehensive  plan amendment (30.75 acres).  The area is southeasterly adjacent to Oak Hill Golf Course.  The Owner derives little income from the driving range, so he desires to replace it with homes.

We believe the propose use is less intensive, then the previously, entitled improvements of:

1.       52 extended stay villa homes.

2.       18 Additional Residential Lots

3.       120 motel rooms

4.       A 500-seat conference center/restaurant

5.       40,000 sf of Shoppes and a Learning center

All of these were previously approved with the previous master plan for the entire golf course.  Even though, the master plan expired, the Owner is entitled to those uses.  The former stated uses are all approved within the Recreational Land Use Designation as they are ancillary to the Golf Course.  Since the concept of rental homes has changed to homes for sale, the Land Use Designation needs to change only on this section to Residential. 

The proposed homes will offer 2 BR & 3 BR, with 2 & 3 Baths.  Each shall optional garages.  The applicant has indicated he expects the units to be 1,900 sf to 2,300 sf and envisions some two-story models.

The units may be stand-alone(non-attached) or attached for clustering if desired to free up some open space.    If attached, the internal side setbacks will automatically be vacated.  The construction type is expected to be masonry construction.  Home and lot, are expected to sell for $200,000 and up.   These are not apartments; they are homes.  Even if clustered, they are to be individually owned. 

The proposed setbacks are indicated on the typical lot on the comprehensive plan amendment.

                Front: 20’  Deviation from 25’

                Sides: 7.5’  Deviation from 10’

                Rear: 20’    No Deviation

Access:  The site is accessed from Northcliffe Blvd.  The existing entrance to Oak Hill Golf Course will be re-constructed to add improvements and enhanced landscaping.  The maintenance facility currently has an access point east of this entrance, closer to Puritan Lane.  That access will be retained, but for an emergency exit only.  It shall be fenced with emergency services having access. 

Soils:  According to information found on the NRCS database, the existing soils are Candler fine sands.  Candler is a very sandy soil with rapid percolation and stable for buildings.  The predominant soil in the Spring Hill Area is Candler.

Streets:  All streets will meet the minimum HCFDG  specifications.  They will be constructed by the Developer, and privately owned and maintained by the Homeowners Association (HOA). 

Sanitary Sewer:  The golf course operation is currently served by septic tanks.  There is an existing clubhouse, and other restroom facilities on the golf course.  It is not a high sewage generator.  If approved, this project will construct a gravity sanitary sewer system with a pumping station to connect to HCUD existing facilities in Northcliffe Blvd.   In addition, provisions will be made to allow connection from the golf course into this proposed system.   The surrounding residential lots are all served by septic tanks, with the exception of the lots on the south side of Northcliffe.  That is an area served by HCUD for sewer.  HCUD has conveyed some concerns with the existing sewer system in this area.  If approved, the Developer has indicated he is willing to work with HCUD’s team to facilitate some off-site improvements under the right conditions.  These negotiations would typically take place during the preparation of construction plans/permitting phase.   In addition, due to the Springs Initiative, the County and other agencies are eager to remove septic tanks in this area and to the north.  This project, building new sewer improvements would get a jump start on that task. 

Potable Water:  If approved, the project will be served by HCUD.  The Developer will construct the on-site improvements and dedicate to HCUD upon completion.   The proposed system will include provisions for fire flow.  HCUD has potable water within the Northcliffe Blvd. r/w.  

Environmental:  The existing soils and vegetation support habitat for gopher tortoise.  The Developer will, prior to any construction, conduct a wildlife assessment.  In addition, this project is over-laying the shop and maintenance facilities for the golf course.  These will be re-located.  An environmental audit will be conducted in this area to determine potential or existing pollution on the site from this facility.

Floodplain:  The project is located within two modeled flood plain basins approved by the BCC, and FEMA.  The FEMA map indicates two areas of concern.  The northern area is designated as Zone A with no elevation established.  The southerly area is Zone AE, with a flood elevation of 28.3’.   These areas will be incorporated into the overall drainage design for the project, so as not to cause flood plain encroachment.   

Drainage:  If approved, the project will be reviewed for drainage improvements and its effect on neighboring lands by Hernando County and the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).  The site will be required to meet the following, for the major system:

                Water quality capture and treatment

                25 Year peak rates of flow attenuation

                100 Year detention of runoff volume.

The minor system, culverts, inlets, curbs, etc.  shall meet industry standards but at a minimum, the frequency of a 10-year event for one-hour duration. 

The adjacent Owners near Puritan Lane have expressed a history of flooding in that area.  The Applicant has indicated he will work with County staff to relieve the flooding in that area, and incorporate that study into his overall drainage study for the project.  It is noted there is a County owned DRA southeast of these homes. Some of this runoff in accordance with the flood plain studies is destined to flow into that County DRA.  

There are two DRA’s along Northcliffe that are owned by the Golf Course.  Each of these would be re-studied to meet today’s rules and improved as necessary.  Since they function as some of the overall open space, the HOA will assume maintenance and landscaping of such. 

Traffic:  Based on the latest tables from the ITE manual, the proposed project will generate approximately:

91 peak hour trips.  

Based on the today’s criteria, the previously approved master plan would have generated:

240 peak hour trips, ignoring the 18 residential lots that are in question.  Those 18 lots are not considered since they were to be spread throughout the golf course area.   

The Developer understands that should approval be granted; a traffic study will be required during the Concurrency process.

Data & Analysis to support Comp Plan Amendment:

Future Land Use Element: The area surrounding this project is pre-dominantly Residential on the Future Land Use Map.   This area is designated as “Recreational” because it is a part of golf course land set aside and developed by the Deltona Corporation, the original developer.  It has been shown previously the golf course has much additional land that is not be utilized in the golf course play, or operation. 

Most of the residential lots north of Northcliffe Blvd. are served by central water and septic tanks.  This development will develop central sewer to connect to the existing facilities owned by HCUD.

In accordance with Strategy 1.04B(3), this proposed change in land use will provide for villa housing, both single-family detached and possibly some zero lot line attached homes.  

This same strategy provides for a density ranging from 2.5 to 6 units per acre.  The proposed project (2.96 du/ac) would comply with this density requirement, while providing for infrastructure and open space for park land.  The surrounding area designated as Residential, commonly has an overall density of 2.5 (Spring Hill).  This isolated area within that large area should not be intrusive to the surrounding area as it only connects to existing housing on two fronts.  Both of these common lines are buffered even though the PDP process.  The Applicatant has increased the offered buffer against existing residential to 100 feet, with the western most 50 feet of such buffer having the potential for walking/jogging trails to meander through that fifty feet. 

Housing Element:  This project will provide a specific home type to meet the variety of housing types in the market.  The smaller width units can be built independently, or attached to form duplexes or tri-plexes.  In most cases, it is predicted these will be non-attached units.

Many homeowners in today’s market do not want the large yards to maintain.  This housing allows for those type of buyers.  The buyers we are planning for are retirees or close to retirement that want their freedom and possibly play golf. There is no intent with this application to provide affordable, nor group housing.  

Transportation Element:  The subject land is on the Red Route of the “The Bus” .  New residents could easily connect to the multi-modal system through a localized bus-stop.   County records indicate an existing bus stop slightly west of this project at the intersection of Century Drive and Northcliffe. The project could connect to S.R. 50 or U.S. 19 in less than five minutes. All internal roadways will be developed in accordance with County standards with a closed drainage design. As per normal considerations, a possibility of improvements to Northcliffe Blvd will be the responsibility of the developer should the traffic study and County Engineer warrant such improvements.  There should be little impact on the other County roadways in the proximity. 

Utilities Element:  The project will connect to both water and sewer, owned and maintained by Hernando County Utilities (HCUD).  An on-site distribution and collection system shall be constructed by the Developer and dedicated to HCUD upon completion and certification of the improvements. There shall be no individual wells or septic systems constructed.  Even those homes desiring irrigation wells will not be allowed, due to the width of the proposed lots.  This will be a function of the deed restrictions.  Irrigation shall be provided by separate meter with HCUD. 

Surface drainage shall be provided by dry retention areas designed to comply with local County rules and SWFWMD.  The area lies within the Willow Sink and Spring Hill Lakes Flood Plain Basins.  The project drainage system would be examined to show no detrimental impacts to this Flood Plain as it is now approved. 

Solid Waste shall be provided by street pick-up by the County’s franchise hauler.  Once again the impact fees collected from this project shall provide this project’s fair share of landfill expansion. 


Recreation & Open Space Element:  As the current land use signifies, the project is located within a golf course.  This housing project is being carved out of that golf course.  The project will have access to the golf course in hopes of increasing play there.  In addition, current County regulations require a minimum  of 1.41 acres in open space / Park land.   This will be provided as well as the open space in the typically dry retention areas. 

The closest County Community Park is Delta Woods, located on Deltona Blvd. to the south.  As a function of impact fees, the proposed housing will contribute funds with their impact fees to add to the County’s budget for park improvements. 

Public School Element:  No provision for space for additional school facilities are provided in this small development.  The proposed housing will contribute funds with their impact fees to add to the County’s school budget for improvements.  The School Board Review shall determine where these students  shall attend school.    

Police and Fire Protection:  The area is currently served by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office and Hernando County Fire and Rescue.  The change in land use would not affect either of those services. 

The construction of a new project as this however will be required to construct potable water / fire service lines capable of providing the “Needed Fire Flow” (NFF) for the project. The project’s location and size limit its impact on the other elements of the comprehensive plan. 

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