Meet our staff:

                           Larry G. Boone

                               ALAN GARMAN - Senior Design Professional

Alan Garman is a Hernando County native and has resided in the area for over 60 years. He has worked in civil engineering in Hernando County his entire career, beginning in 1972 with the Deltona Corporation in the development of Spring Hill, then with Rudolph & Lawler, ADP & Associates,  Civil-Tech Consulting Engineers, Inc., and currently, ProCivil360, LLC.  He is an active member of the community frequently serving on community boards and committees. 

He is a locally recognized expert in civil site commercial and subdivision design, water and wastewater collection/transmission systems, drainage/conveyance systems, and roadway design.  He is broadly experienced in dealing with local government and regulatory agencies such as SW Florida Water Management District (District), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), and Florida Department of Transportation, representing clients on land use issues, and commercial-residential planning, zoning and permitting.  Most of his work has been focused around Hernando and Pasco Counties, where he has designed and permitted numerous residential and commercial developments.

He is intimately familiar and experienced with watersheds and floodplains within the northern District and especially those basins in Hernando County such as Peck Sink, Bystre Lake, Squirrel Prairie, Blue Sink, Withlacoochee and Weeki Wachee.  He was involved in the planning and development of the Spring Hill Lakes outfall system. He assisted the Glen Lakes development in the permitting of their lake augmentation systems, and he designed and permitted the Ridge Manor Lakes dual purpose (discharge and pumping) system for both flood relief and lake augmentation via their connection to the Withlacoochee River. 

While working for the Deltona Corporation, Alan Garman worked with planners, regulators, hydrologists and geologists and led the design effort for the entire area of Spring Hill.  Environmental monitoring was also part of his responsibilities there and he was involved in tracking various lake levels weekly and monitoring the levels and water quality of the Weeki Wachee Spring.

                                           FRANK DICARO JR. - Lead Design Technician

Frank DiCaro, who is the lead design technician at ProCivil360, LLC, was initially educated in the field of graphic arts.  He started his career over 16 years ago at Civil-Tech Engineering Consultants under the tutelage of Alan Garman and team.  While at Civil-Tech, Frank was involved in the design of 15 subdivisions, 75 commercial site developments, various industrial, roadway, and utility projects, plus numerous rezonings and variances.  

Over the years, Frank has gained recognition as an expert in computer aided design (CAD) and geographical information systems (GIS).  His creative abilities and artistic training have allowed him to become extremely proficient at conceptual design.  In conjunction with his work at Civil-Tech, Frank‚Äôs interest and expertise expanded into the realm computers and information technology (IT), home/business integration, security systems, closed circuit surveillance, and green energy technology. 

Frank is experienced in dealing with local government and regulatory agencies such as the  Hernando County Development (Building)  and Planning and Zoning Departments, the SW Florida Water Management Agency (SWFWMD), the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  He regularly works with contractors, project managers, and inspectors providing technical coordination on a wide range of construction projects.